Prison Gangs

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Mark Madow: Former inmate; spent a year in the Sierra Conservation Center/California State Prison at Jamestown after being convicted of writing bad checks. Dan Guzman: Community Mobilizer, Solidad Enrichment Action Program. Been working with street gangs for 25 years. Professor Robert Pugsley: Professor of Criminal Law, Southwestern School of Law. Lance Corcoran: State Vice President California Correctional Peace Officers Association. Worked as a corrections officer for 10 years prior to taking this post.Andy Furillo: Staff writer, the Saracmento Bee. Covers prisons (as well as other beats) Gerald Miller: Ex-convict, current resident of Delancy Street, an organization that helps prisoners re-enter life after jail. Works in the juvenile justice and criminal justice programs at Delancy Street. Al Molina: Neighborhood activist in Highland Park, working to recall Councilman Mike Hernandez. Ron Russell: Staff Writer, New Times Los Angeles. For coverage of La Eme, the Mexican mafia prison gang, he was awarded the 1997 State Bar of California's Silver Medallion for excellence.

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