Private Charity Funding Public Schools

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Twenty years ago, a much quoted report said the decline of urban schools was making America -a nation at risk.- TV Guide-s late publisher, Walter Annenberg, contributed a half-billion dollars, but despite such efforts at education reform, not much has changed. Now, another full-time philanthropist, retired from the leadership of SunAmerica, has devoted some $400 million to education reform. As the billionaire son of immigrant parents, Eli Broad says he-s lived the American dream and believes a new generation of children should have the opportunity to participate in America-s knowledge-based economy. We hear about Broad's vision and the risks of public dependence on private philanthropy.
  • Making News: Vice President Cheney Visits Los Angeles
    Vice President Dick Cheney addressed LA-s World Affairs Council today, with a firm defense of the war in Iraq and the war on terror. Cheney and others in the Bush campaign have new hopes of getting votes this year in California. Maura Reynolds, who is traveling with the Vice President for the Los Angeles Times, says Cheney also met with Governor Schwarzenegger, hoping to pick-up some of his momentum for the GOP.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Is Going to the Moon Good for Los Angeles?
    It's been 32 years since America put a man on the Moon. Now, President Bush says it-s time to go back. The President-s much-awaited program would get the US out of the International Space Station, retire the space shuttle fleet, and develop the Crew Exploratory Vehicle to take astronauts to the moon and Mars. Bruce Murray, former head of the Jet Propulsion Lab, looks at the President's plan.

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