Private Power and the Public Interest

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With utilities at the brink of bankruptcy, California is exploring plans to buy the plants that power the state. Many critics are calling the proposed buyout a "bailout." Where do we go from here? Should the large customers who pushed for deregulation take the weight off residential customers? What about a state power authority? We look at the proposals with a reporter who covers the capital, the chair of ISO's board of governors, a consumer advocate, and the general manager of LA's DWP.
  • Newsmaker: Fingerprinting Gun Buyers - In order to successfully prosecute the thousands of felons who illegally purchase weapons in California, police must prove their identity as the buyer. A new proposal, authored by Councilman Mike Feuer, would require fingerprinting for anybody purchasing a gun in Los Angeles.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Los Angeles River Cleanup - The Los Angeles River has become a flood of trash and pollution, endangering the health of wildlife and humans. Dennis Dickerson, of LA's Regional Water Quality Control Board, says that litter education and anti-litter enforcement will help authorities solve the problem.

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