Private Property and the Public Interest

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A recent US Supreme Court decision on eminent domain has re-awakened the issue in California. Government's power to seize private property is the key to the redevelopment that's meant economic comeback for many cities, but it's also an opportunity for abuse. In Riverside, Sacramento and Emeryville, local property owners are up in arms because government agencies want to seize their homes and businesses for redevelopment of what are called -blighted- areas. In San Diego, the Model School Development Agency had its eyes on Jodi Carey's home, which he bought last year for $260,000 and spent $200,000 more to fix up. We speak with Carey and state and local officials about the continuing controversy that could end up on next June's ballot.
  • Making News: What Happened to California's $3B Stem Cell Research Program?
    California's new Stem Cell Institute has made medical research grants amounting to $120 million, but it only has $5 million. Yesterday, Attorney General Bill Lockyer asked a superior court to dismiss lawsuits against the Institute, so it can sell $3 billion in bonds, as voters wanted it to. Laura Mecoy reports in Los Angeles for the Sacramento Bee.

Stem Cell Research Funding (Prop 71, 2004)

California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM)

Attorney General Lockyer-s brief on behalf of CIRM

Kelo vs. New London, US Supreme Court on

Moratorium on Eminent Domain (AB 1162)



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