Prop 36, OC's Measure G & H, and Medea Benjamin

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Prop. 36 on the state ballot would require treatment rather than incarceration for simple drug possession, and provide 120 million dollars annually for treatment programs, saving more than twice that in prison costs. We talk with proponent, Dr. Gary Jaeger, incoming president of the California Society of Addiction Medicine, and get the opposition from Judge Steven Manley, president of the California Association of Drug Court Professionals.

As a result of settlements with tobacco companies, Orange County will get some 30 million dollars a year for the next 20 years. Measure G, which would spend the settlement money in a variety of ways-and about Measure H, which wants most of it for health care. For Measure G: John Chamberlain, attorney and chairman emeritus of the County Taxpayers Association. For Measure H: Michelle Revelle, executive director of the County Medical Association.

  • Newsmaker: If you're a registered voter, your mailbox is stuffed daily with political literature, much of which is not what it seems. The most notorious pieces are called "slate cards." We speak with Alan Hoffenbloom, who produces the non-partisan Candidate Council Slate, which has dozens of different versions and reaches at least 1.5 million households.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Medea Benjamin is the Green party's candidate for California's US Senate seat, joining Congressman Tom Campbell (R) in challenging incumbent Dianne Feinstein (D). Benjamin, who was an economist and nutritionist for the UN, has been active in social and environmental struggles all over the world, and founded the human rights group Global Exchange 11 years ago.

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