Proposition 36 - Countdown to Implementation

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In November, California voters passed Proposition 36, making defendants in nonviolent drug cases eligible for treatment rather than prison. Now, as implementation begins, no one is sure there will be enough courtrooms, treatment centers or counselors to handle the load. To compound the uncertainty, there's no money for drug testing, which everybody agrees is crucial to treatment. How will LA County handle the nation's biggest drug treatment experiment? We speak with those charged with its execution, representatives of the Sheriff's Department, Public Defender, and Alcohol and Drug Program Administration.
  • Newsmaker: New MTA Chief - In September, LA's Metropolitan Transportation Authority will have a new top executive. Roger Snoble, who formerly ran public transit systems in San Diego and Dallas, tells us that he's convinced he can still pursue the development of a light rail system for Los Angeles while purchasing hundreds of busses mandated by a federal court decree.
  • Reporter's Notebook: California Supreme Court Justice Stanley Mosk Passes Away - Stanley Mosk died yesterday at the age of 88, after 37 years of service on the State Supreme Court. The revered magistrate wrote more than 1500 opinions, and was celebrated as a progressive despite some less than liberal opinions. Longtime political consultant Joe Cerrell offers an affectionate remembrance of his old friend.

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