Proposition 37 and James Rogan

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Under Prop. 13, passed in 1978, new taxes require a two-thirds majority in the legislature or from voters. Fees don't require a popular vote at all, and the legislature or local government can assess them by a simple majority. Proposition 37 would change that. Supporters claim taxpayers need protection from hidden assessments. Opponents claim that the proposition is about reducing the regulatory charges imposed on polluters. We'll assess the pros and cons with the presidents of California taxpayer associations representing both sides.

Republican Jim Rogan and Democrat Adam Schiff are fighting what may be the most hotly contested Congressional race in the US. It's certainly the most expensive. Rogan is perhaps best known for his role in the impeachment proceedings against the President. We'll ask him if his record fits a changing Congressional District. (Sen. Schiff appears on our November 2 program.)

  • Newsmaker: Local 660 of the Service Employees International Union says it's reached agreement for 80% of its contracts with LA County. Recently the union went on strike for a single day until Cardinal Roger Mahoney intervened. Today we'll speak with Annelle Grajeda, general manager of SEIU's 47,000-member Local 660.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Proposition BB was supposed to provide for citizen oversight of the LA Unified School District. Today's Daily News reports that members of the proposition committee were "furious" when the district asked for blanket approval of nearly a billion dollars for new schools. Committee oversight was the condition under which voters approved new school bonds. Is the district keeping its word or backing way?



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