Proposition 39 and the Kuykendall-Harman Race

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Proposition 39 would change a 121-year-old provision in the state's constitution requiring a two-thirds vote to pass local school bonds. If the proposition passes, just 55% support would authorize bonds for building, repairing or replacing facilities at public schools, community colleges or county education offices. We get the pros from the legislative director of AARP, a nonprofit group with 3 million members over the age of 50, the cons from the President of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers' Association.
  • Newsmaker: Robert Beard, Professor Emeritus at Bucknell College analyzes the use of language in the debates and the "dumbing down of politics"
  • Reporter's Notebook: One of the nation's closest races is in LA's South Bay which is divided almost evenly between Democrats and Republicans, with 20% registering Independent. We speak with incumbent Steven Kuykendall (R) and challenger Jane Harman (D) who must turn out the base and campaign for votes in the center.

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