Proposition 40: Largest Parks Bond in US History

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At 2.6 billion dollars, Proposition 40 on the March 5 ballot is the largest parks bond in American history. About half the money would pay for state, city and county parks, with the rest dedicated to a variety of purposes, including clean air and water. The bond has raised some 5 million dollars. Although there is no organized campaign against it, opponents call it unneeded "pork." We hear arguments for and against the parks bonds from Democratic state Assemblyman Fred Keeley, who authored the proposition, and from state Senator Ray Haynes, who's concerned that funding will be hijacked for legislators' pet projects.
  • Newsmaker: OC Elections for DA and Superior Court Judge
    Will Swaim, Editor of the Orange County Weekly previews two Orange County elections. Wally Wade is being supported by DA's working for his opponent, incumbent Tony Rackauckas, who promised to clean house four years ago. Running unopposed for Superior Court is Judge Ronald Kline, who's facing federal and local charges relating to child pornography and child abuse, indictments that came after the filing deadline.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Industry Donations Permeate Insurance Commissioner Race
    The disgraced, former Insurance Commissioner, Chuck Quackenbush was a Republican. But the race to replace him is peppered with contributions to a Democrat, from those same insurance companies whose money caused him to give up his job. Virginia Ellis, who broke the Quackenbush story, is Sacramento bureau chief for the Los Angeles Times.

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