Proposition 55: Bad Schools or Bad Debt?

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Historically, school bonds have been an easy sell in California, but Proposition 55 may be in trouble on next week's ballot. There-s no doubt that school buildings are old, overcrowded and ill-adapted to modern technology, and that children need desks to sit at, bathrooms that work, and roofs that don-t leak. But Prop 55 has been overshadowed by Governor Schwarzenegger-s financial package, and opponents argue the state can-t afford $12.3 billion in additional debt to build new schools and improve old ones from kindergarten to the University of California. We hear opposing views from the presidents of the California PTA and the California Republican Assembly.
  • Making News: California and the Democratic Presidential Race
    The race for the Democratic nomination has moved the biggest state in the US and one of those voting in next week's -Super Tuesday.- Despite today's Field Poll that shows John Kerry leading John Edwards with 60% to 19% of those polled, Edwards says he'll stay in the race. Bruce Cain, who directs UC Berkeley's Institute for Government Studies, explains why that benefits the Democrats and what it will take to force him to get out.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Selling the Los Angeles Brand to the Highest Bidder
    Like all municipalities, LA needs money, but it doesn-t have much to sell except its name. So, why not do as New York has done with Snapple, now the official drink of the Big Apple, or San Diego, where Pepsi has exclusive rights to the city-s vending machines? City Councilman Eric Garcetti has enlisted USC graduate students to research the idea.

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