Proposition 75: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Organized Labor

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Three measures Governor Schwarzenegger put on next month's special election ballot constitute what he calls his -year of reform,- but they aren't doing so well in the polls. The Governor said last night that he's proud to belong to a union--as a dues paying member of the Screen Actor's Guild, but he's supporting Proposition 75 on next month's ballot, which is anathema to union leaders. We hear what -paycheck protection- would mean to workers, their unions and Arnold Schwarzenegger from Lewis Uhler, author of Prop 75 and Marc Cooper, contributing editor to the Nation magazine, columnist for the LA Weekly and senior fellow for border justice at USC's Annenberg School for Communications.
  • Making News: Execution Date Set for "Tookie" Williams
    Convicted of four murders that occurred over two weeks in 1979, Stanley "Tookie" Williams appears to have lost all his appeals to the courts, and his execution date has been set for December 13. The reputed co-founder of the Crips has spent the past decade encouraging disadvantaged kids to stay out of gangs. Henry Weinstein of the LA Times has more on what's expected to be an unusually big battle over the death penalty in California.

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