Proposition 80: Regulation of Energy Service Providers

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Proposition 80 raises big questions such as whether California will have enough energy to support economic growth and if energy prices will go up. Both sides invoke memories of the rolling blackouts and market manipulation of five years ago, but neither side has been spending much to push its view on a very complicated measure. Prop 80 was put on next month's ballot by consumer advocates, but it could be a boon for Southern California Edison, San Diego Gas and Electric and the PG&E.; Would it be "blackout prevention," as supporters claim, or make new power plants harder than ever to build. We get an explanation and hear the pros and cons of Proposition 80.
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Proposition 80: Electric Service Providers

Yes on Prop 80

No on Prop 80

California Independent System Operator (ISO)

California Public Utilities Commission (PUC)



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