Proposition A: Will a Half-Penny Tax Fix LA's Budget?

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On March 5 voters in Los Angeles go to the polls to elect a new mayor, and other key officials. They will also be confronted with a ballot initiative called Proposition A, a half-cent rise in LA's sales tax. Proponents of Prop A argue that without it, LA will lose 500 police officers and face cutbacks in firefighters, paramedics, and gang and drug prevention programs. Opponents argue that LA's budget shortfall can be covered without making its sales tax one of the highest in California, hitting consumers hard in their pocketbooks. Guest host Mike Shuster speaks with both sides and asks whether this is really the best way to balance the city's budget. Also, Warren Olney interviews one of the top candidates for mayor, Emanuel Pleitez. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, the rhetoric and the reality behind the State of the Union speech.

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