Propositions 57 and the Future of California

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Arnold Schwarzenegger-s political career has only just begun, but it-ll be on the line next Tuesday with Propositions 57 and 58. Prop 57 would authorize $15 billion in bonds to cover the state-s budget shortfall. Prop 58 would amend the Constitution to require that future budgets be balanced. Business groups and tax watchdogs are supporting both measures. They-ve been joined by leading Democrats, including State Controller Steve Westly, who-s been out with Schwarzenegger on the campaign trail. Can California borrow its way back to financial solvency? We hear from Controller Westly, who agrees with the Governor, and California State Treasurer Phil Angelides, who says there-s a better way.
  • Making News: More Bad News for Gasoline Prices in California
    Average gasoline prices in California-s big cities have jumped to $2 a gallon. At this rate, they could go higher than last year-s record of $2.15. Alexei Barrionuevo, who reports on energy for the Wall Street Journal, says a number of factors, including a two to three percent increase in gas consumption, has conspired to push gas prices up and is likely to make the near future a tough time for California drivers.
  • Reporter's Notebook: LA Times Editor Frank del Olmo Dead at 55
    He wrote for the LA Times from 1970, when he graduated magna cum laude from Cal State Northridge, until last week, when he collapsed at his desk and died of an apparent heart attack. Frank del Olmo was just 55 years old. A reporter, a columnist and ultimately associate editor-he was also the first Latino whose name ever appeared on the Times' masthead. Felix Gutierrez, a visiting professor of journalism at USC, recalls about his legacy to journalism and the greater community.

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