Prosecutorial Discretion

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What does Wen Ho Lee have in common with victims of the Rampart scandal? At all levels of America's justice system, prosecutors hold all the cards. How responsible are they when the system goes wrong? Janet Reno may not want to apologize, but critics contend that the Wen Ho Lee case was an abuse of prosecutorial discretion. When discretion is exercised properly, justice is served. When discretion is abused, lives can be destroyed.
  • Newsmaker: The LA City Council's discussing terms of a so-called "consent decree" to prevent the federal Justice Department from suing for alleged civil rights violations by the LAPD. Joining us today is Deputy Mayor, Kelly Martin, a member of the negotiating team that will implement the council's wishes.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Economist Joel Kotkin says the MTA strike is an example of public sector workers holding the rest of LA hostage.



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