Public Secrets

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Senator Quentin Kopp: Independent State Senator from San Francisco, wrote SB 434, which would have allowed media access to prisoners. Sean Walsh: Deputy Chief of Staff, Governor Pete Wilson. Royal Oaks: General Counsel, Radio TV News Association. Justice Richard Huffman: Associate Justice, California Court of Appeal in San Diego. Chair, Executive Committee, California Judicial Council. Was chair of task force that looked at the issue of cameras in the courtroom following the OJ Simpson trial. Karlene George: President, LA County Court Clerk's Association. Barbara Blinderman: Lawyer in private practice, specializing in First Amendment issues. Winner of the California First Amendment Coalition's 1997 Beacon Award for Advocacy. Claudia Henry: Senior Assistant City Attorney, city of LA. Greg Nelson: Chief of Staff to LA City Councilman Joel Wachs. David Fleming: Chairman and Co-founder, Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley. Organizer, Valley Transit Summit Delaine Easton: State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

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