Random Drug Testing in Schools

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America-s deputy drug tsar says random drug testing in high schools could put the city of Fresno -on the map.- Mayor Alan Autry is a long-time advocate of a program promoted by President Bush in his most recent State of the Union message, but so far adopted by only three schools in California. Though the President calls the testing a -silver bullet,- the State Senate has adopted legislation that would ban it, if the bill passes the Assembly and Governor Schwarzenegger signs it. Warren Olney gets both sides of a battle over youth culture and adult priorities, from Mayor Autry and a legislative advocate for the California Parent Teacher Association.
  • Making News: Foothill Fire Prompts Mandatory Evacuations
    Thousands of people have been evacuated by fires raging near Santa Clarita. Fire officials say the blaze was started when a red-tailed hawk was electrocuted by power lines and fell into brush that hasn-t burned since 1962. In the hottest and windiest part of the day, about three o'clock, Lila Campuzano of The Signal updates the situation.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Trouble at Los Alamos
    Two weeks ago, computer disks with sensitive information on nuclear weapons turned up missing at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Now, it-s reported that secret information was transmitted on unclassified e-mail. As a result, all work has been suspended at the New Mexico-based lab, which is run by the University of California. Ian Hoffman, co-author of A Convient Spy: Wen Ho Lee and the Politics of Nuclear Espionage has more on the latest security flap.

President Bush's national drug-control strategy (Office of National Drug Control Policy)

Vasconcellos bill on drug and alcohol testing of pupils (SB 1386)

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