Rebuilding LA: From Promises to Reality

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After five days of violence, burning and looting, the Los Angeles riots of 1992 left a billion dollars in property damage. In response, Mayor Tom Bradley established Rebuild LA to raise private money for the effected areas. Yet, despite its name and a lot of initial promises, RLA gets mixed reviews. Much of the area hardest hit has still not been rebuilt, and capital investment in the inner city remains tentative at best. How much credit and how much blame go to government? What about the private sector? We get progress reports from a former director of RLA, a Korean-American retailer-factory owner, and a financial advisor who was once the senior vice-president of one of California's few black-owned banks.
  • Newsmaker: Train Crash Kills 2 and Injures Hundreds in OC
    Investigators are still trying to figure out why two trains were on the same track going in opposition directions this morning when a mile-long freight plowed into a Metrolink commuter on its way from Riverside to San Juan Capistrano. Two people were killed, 25 suffered life-threatening injuries and at least 250 others were also hurt. Aldrin Brown is covering for the Orange County Register.


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