Recall Field Narrows

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There are 135 candidates on next week's ballot, but yesterday's Gallup Poll for CNN shows that the Terminator has moved out to a substantial lead. With Election Day just eight days away, 63% of California's likely voters want Governor Davis recalled. Forty percent favor Arnold Schwarzenegger to replace him and 25% favor Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante. Today, the Republican Party officially endorsed Schwarzenegger, leaving State Senator Tom McClintock, and his 18% poll-rating, out in the cold. Has it finally come down to a two-person race? We hear from political pros Darry Sragow and Bill Bradley.
  • Making News: California Republican Party Endorses Schwarzenegger
    California's Republican Party has officially endorsed The Terminator for Governor of California. The vote was unanimous despite State Senator Tom McClintock's appeal to conservatives. Party Chairman George "Duf" Sunheim says that, without criticizing the campaign of State Senator Tom McClintock, the GOP has acted at the request of the state's grassroots.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Arnold's Bodybuilding Past
    Political pundits are saying that Arnold Schwarzenegger is likely to win next week's replacement election if Governor Davis is recalled. Yesterday, Schwarzenegger put it this way: "This is now hand-to-hand combat. We are not in the trenches. This is war." In today's LA Times, Mark Arax has written about the "master manipulator" and his "ethos developed in the gym."

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