Redford Remembers Hollywood Legends Hill, Hall

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Hollywood has lost two film-making pioneers. Director George Roy Hill and cinematographer Conrad Hall both died during the past two weeks. Both worked on Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, which made Robert Redford a star. We hear from Redford and screenwriter William Goldman about Hill, Hall and the making of movies-then and now.
  • Newsmaker: Davis Faces Severe Budget Cuts in Second Term
    Governor Gray Davis began his second term with a deficit larger than other states- entire budget and no voter mandate on how to cope with the historic financial crisis. Later this week, Davis will detail massive cuts in current programs along with new fees and taxes to prevent from cutting more. A.G. Block, of the California Journal, says the rest will be up to Democratic Legislators who don-t want cuts and Republicans who don-t want new taxes.



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