Reich and Economic Policy

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Robert Reich: University Professor of social and economic policy at Brandeis Universitys Heller School; Secretary of Labor during Clinton's first term. Andrew Ferguson: Senior editor, The Weekly Standard. Dale Jergunson: Chair of the department of economics at Harvard University; member of the Boskin Commission. Tom Palley: Assistant director, public policy, AFL-CIO; former professor of economics at The New School of Social Research and Amherst College. Meredith Bagby: Commentator for CNNs Financial Network, and member of the Board of Third Millennium, a political think tank for issues that concern young people. Evelyn Morton: Legislative representative, American Association of Retired Persons; former staff member, Senate Finance Committee. Daniel Domenech: District superintendent of the Western Suffolk School District in Long Island, New York. Hugo Young: Political columnist for The Times of London.



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