Religious Leaders Debate War against Iraq

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President Bush has worked hard to get the House and Senate to support him on the question of Iraq, in the hopes that a unified Congress will help him influence the rest of the country. Bush has given several speeches recently in his attempt to build a case for a -just war- against Saddam Hussein. Yet, as within the general public, religious leaders are divided over such a war. How do Southern California-s religious leaders see the debate, and what are they hearing from their congregations? We hear more about the doctrines of peace and realities of war from leaders of Southern California-s Jewish and Muslim community and the co-founder of an interfaith coalition dedicated to justice and peace.
Managing Editor Kyle McKinnon guest hosts.
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    Police have identified the man who was shot dead Sunday by a Redondo Beach police officer that apparently thought he was using a bean bag gun to disable the man. Larry Altman of the Daily Breeze says that details are sketchy in the tragic incident that began with a routine stop of a car that had been involved in a hit-and-run accident earlier in the day and ended with the death of transient Nathan Lee Rossbach.
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    Sydney Brenner was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, Tuesday. Brenner lives in La Jolla, which is currently home to nine Nobel laureates. A dozen others have lived there in the past. Rex Dalton, West Coast correspondent for the scientific journal, Nature, credits an intoxicating chemistry of beauty and intellectual stimulation for La Jolla-s high concentration of laureates.

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