Remembering John Ferraro

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Los Angeles has lost a political leader. After 35 years of elected service, City Council President John Ferraro is dead of cancer. The one-time police commissioner joined the city council in the 60's. Ever moving with the times, he dedicated his life to working tirelessly on the not-so-sexy solid issues that affected his constituents. Tonight, City Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas, legislative analyst Ron Deaton, and reporter Mark Haefele share their thoughts on their mentor and friend, remember his legacy, and predict what the council might be like in his absence.
  • Newsmaker: Mayor's Study on Show Biz Strike Economic Impact - The Milken Institute and Sebago Associates have released their study on the financial impact of an actors' and writers' strike on Los Angeles. Mayor Richard Riordan, who commissioned the report, elaborates on its results, responds to a move to name the central library after him, and remembers the late John Ferraro.

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