Republican Diversity and Unity

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Opening night is Diversity night at the GOP convention, with blacks, Latinos and women scheduled to speak during prime time. But the rainbow on the podium won't be reflected on the floor. A New York Times' survey shows that the delegates are almost 90 percent white, mostly male, middle-aged and even more conservative than Republicans nationwide, especially on education, health care and gun control. If tonight's theme is American Diversity, the theme of the week is Republican Unity, and Dissent has been virtually banished from the proceedings. We'll get a preview of Day One, as the GOP begins shaping its political future.
Newsmaker: With a love-fest absent of any real action on the floor of this week's Republican convention, attention has turned outside-to the Shadow Convention staged by Arianna Huffington, and to the street demonstrators protesting for and against a variety of causes. In the Shadow and on the street, last night and today has been KCRW correspondent Jennifer Rehill of NPR station WHYY in Philadelphia.
Reporter's Notebook: Napster has a generation of listeners addicted to downloading music from the Internet. Dennis Berman of Business Week says that's not all bad news for the record companies.



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