Republicans in CA Fall Off the White House's Map

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The latest polls show Governor Davis in deep trouble, with former LA Mayor Richard Riordan gaining fast or even leading. But, does this really mean a Republican comeback? Riordan will need conservatives in the March primary as well as in November, but will they turn out for a candidate who's sometimes more liberal than Davis? While President Bush might help, the White House hasn't yet taken much of an interest. We hear from political analyst Sherri Bebitch Jeffee, the editor of the California Political Review and State Senator Jim Brulte about Republican prospects in this statewide election year.
  • Newsmaker: Bush Blocks Assets of Business Connected to Drug Cartels
    The Bush Administration has frozen the assets of 12 businesses and 15 individuals believed to be fronting for drug cartels in Mexico and the Caribbean. Although no arrests have been made, the targets are the Caribbean operation of Glenroy Matthew and the Arellano-Felix cartel in Tijuana, which is legendary for its violence. Ben Fox is covering the story for the Associated Press in San Diego.



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