Residents Push for Toxic Cleanup in Santa Susana Mountains

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After decades of effort by local homeowners, one of the nation's most contaminated military and industrial sites is finally on the verge of a clean-up. It's in the Santa Susanna Mountains between the San Fernando and Simi Valleys, and it's surrounded by homes built before residents ever learned that the ground was laced with toxic chemicals and radioactive waste. We hear how they did it. Also, the increase in hungry people has LA Food banks economizing on Thanksgiving by handing out chicken instead of turkey.  On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, forget the start of withdrawal from Afghanistan in July of next year. The US and NATO have now extended major combat until 2014, even though President Karzai wants forces reduced.  We look at the aftermath of the summit in Lisbon.

Banner image: Santa Susana Field Laboratory aerial photograph, March, 2005. Photo: US Department of Energy



Warren Olney