Restarting Flights, Restarting the Economy

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Though the human tragedy is unspeakable, this week's coordinated attack on New York and Washington was also an apparently purposeful assault on the American economy. Not since the depression have stock markets been closed for more than two days. With no way to undo the tragedy, we look to the future. First we hear about efforts to reopen airports and stabilize the airline industry, one of the most visible economic casualties of Tuesday's attacks. Then we look at the ripple effect on American business, an already volatile stock market, and weak consumer confidence, with financial, policy and business experts. (This broadcast is a special second edition of To the Point.)
  • Newsmaker: Airports Opening Nationwide - Airline passengers whose planes were diverted from their destinations on Tuesday went back in the air today when the FAA allowed airports to reopen on a limited basis. With traffic slowed to a crawl, Joshua Cooper Ramo, of Time magazine, says travelers should expect to face long lines, more marshals, and tightened security.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Investigators Tie 50 Terrorists to Plot - Authorities searching cars, apartments and credit card receipts, have identified some 50 infiltrators who carried out or provided support for Tuesday's coordinated attacks on New York and Washington. William Rempel, of the Los Angeles Times, provides an update on intelligence efforts around the US and throughout the world.

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