Rolling strikes in LA's health system

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Yesterday, King/Drew Hospital was turning patients away. Today, the action was at Harbor-UCLA. We'll look at the impact and the issues. LA County and the Service Employees Union aren't arguing just about the terms of the next contract. Today, they are in dispute over how many doctors, nurses and other staff members at Harbor/UCLA Hospital really walked off the job.
  • Newsmaker: MTA strike or not, if you thought the daily commute in Los Angeles was getting worse anyway, you're right. The Southern California Association of Governments, acronym SCAG, says jammed freeways are spoiling mornings and evenings for drivers from Ventura to San Bernardino- and it's getting worse. We speak with Jim Simms, Director of Information Services for SCAG.
  • Reporter's Notebook: From the streets of Belgrade: the voice of liberation. How does it feel when a dictator is overthrown? Maja Vuchinovich, one of hundreds of thousands of Serbians who rose up against Sloban Mislosovic, describes her experience.



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