Runaway Productions?

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On Sunset Boulevard, a billboard addresses a Hollywood film director by saying, "Hey Tarantino, we'll help you kill Bill, Bob or anyone else you have a beef with." It goes on to offer a 20% tax credit for shooting a film in Pennsylvania. That's just one of the states and foreign countries coming to Santa Monica this weekend for an expo designed to entice producers to run away from LA. Meantime, Governor Schwarzenegger and Mayor Hahn are looking at tax incentives to prevent the business from running away. Is that a prudent way to save jobs or is it corporate welfare? We hear from those who are trying to lure the industry away and from advocates of local entertainment industry.
  • Making News: Conflicting Results in the Race for Black Votes
    Today's LA Times poll shows Councilman Villaraigosa leading Mayor Hahn by 18%, with big margins in almost every voting bloc. The poll shows black voters backing the Councilman 52-to-32, but a survey conducted by Lawrence Research for the African American Voter Registration Education and Participation Project, has the candidates neck and neck in South Los Angeles. We hear more about the race for the black vote from Villaraigosa campaign manager Ace Smith and Assemblyman Mark Ridley-Thomas, chair of the AAVREP.

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