San Diego Mayoral Election, Part II

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Just a few years ago, good-government types loved San Diego. Today it's plagued by administrative incompetence and political corruption as voters trudge back to the polls for the third election in 16 months. In today's special election, six candidates are running for Mayor, but victory could be a mixed blessing. Donna Frye, the only Democrat running against five Republicans, is thought to be leading. Meanwhile, two councilmen have been convicted of bribery, the city manager and controller have both resigned, and the city attorney is feuding with other officials. Bankruptcy is a real possibility. What happened to one of America's best-governed cities? We ask Philip LaVelle, who writes about politics for the Union-Tribune, and architect Alan Rosenblum, professor at the New School of Architecture and Design.
  • Reporter's Notebook: LAUSD Gets Permission to Raze the Ambassador Hotel
    A superior court judge has given the LA Unified School District permission to tear down the Ambassador Hotel, , the historic Wilshire Boulevard landmark where movie stars mingled and Senator Robert Kennedy was assassinated after winning California's 1968 presidential primary. LAUSD will house 4200 students on its 24 acres. The judge turned down an alternate plan hammered out by the Los Angeles Conservancy. We hear more from Ken Bernstein, Director of Preservation Issues at the Conservancy, and businessman David Abel, leader of a group advocating coordinated planning for all civic projects.

Mayoral candidates in San Diego's special July 26 election

LaVelle's article on candidates jockeying for position in San Diego mayoral election

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)

LA Conservancy on the Ambassador Hotel

LA Conservancy's plan, Small Learning Community for LAUSD



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