San Diego Mayoral Write-in Candidate Challenged in Court

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For decades, San Diego has been the province of conservative Republicans more favorable to developers than environmental protection. Enter Democrat Donna Frye, whose write-in candidacy for mayor has the city establishment asking the courts to overturn what appears to be the will of the people. Frye may be 52 years old, but she's still being called a "surfer chick" in San Diego. A two-term council member, it looks like Frye's write-in candidacy may have won more votes than either of her two opponents. The office is nonpartisan, but they're both part of San Diego's traditional Republican establishment, and Donna Fry's a Democrat who tends to be very independent. We hear more about Frye from Steve Erie, professor of political science at UC San Diego, and hear a late-breaking ruling on her campaign.
  • Making News: Future of King-Drew Trauma Center Still Unknown
    The LA Board of Supervisors met this afternoon to consider closing the embattled King-Drew trauma center in South-Central LA. By the time we taped this program, no vote had been taken, and it seemed likely that the showdown would be postponed, as requested last week by a unanimous vote of the LA City Council. Human rights advocate Joe Hicks says the loss of the facility would be a terrible blow to the neighborhood's black and Latino population.
  • Reporter's NOtebook: Reporter's Notebook: Amend for Arnie
    The presidential campaign just ended, but some Californians want to start a new one right away. The problem is that their candidate doesn't qualify under the Constitution. So, today, they started running commercials on cable TV advocating a constitutional amendment so that Arnold Schwarzenegger can throw his hat in the ring. We hear more from the woman who's running those TV commercials, Robert Salladay, who covers the Governor for the LA Times, and constitutional law expert Doug Kmiec.

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