San Onofre: the Nuclear Plant in LA's Backyard

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In Dana Point tonight, the public will get a chance to sound off on the nuclear generating plant at San Onofre. The reactors under those two big domes on Interstate 5 in Orange County were shut down in January after a steam leak revealed unexpected problems with thousands of tubes. SoCal Edison says it'll be safe to re-start one plant at 70 percent of power for five months. But some local residents are thinking about earthquakes, evacuations routes and Fukushima. We get a preview of tonight's meeting.  Also, Soviet nuclear weapons were America's worst nightmare during the Cold War and — 50 years after the Cuban Missile Crisis — some remnants remain. We hear about air raid sirens in Los Angeles.  On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, Iran, the economy and the bomb.

Banner image: awnisALAN/flickr