Should Santa Monica Grow Up or Maintain a Low Profile?

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If you've been to the beach in Santa Monica or sampled the shopping or nightlife lately, you've driven around the traffic cones and seen scaffolding around new buildings. But the City Council has refused to consider raising the height limit above 84 feet without making developers jump through hoops — with no guarantees of the outcome. KCRW producer Evan George visited the city's new beach-side Tongva Park, where he talked with Mayor Pro-Tem Terry O'Day.



Be Excited! Be Prepared!


Looking out through one of the sculptures at Tongva Park



  • Terry O'Day - Santa Monica City Council member - @terryoday
  • Diana Gordon - Santa Monica Coalition for a Liveable City
  • Paul Habibi - a lecturer on real estate at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management and an expert witness for Grayslake Advisors


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