Should Santa Monica Grow Up or Maintain a Low Profile?

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Hollywood isn't the only place divided over density and high-rise development. Santa Monica is notoriously cautious about so-called "smart growth," but a new park and an upscale condo complex are finally bringing energy to the Civic Center. Would letting developers go higher than seven stories change the "character" of a city many residents like just the way it is? Also, why do atheists want to establish a "church?" When they feel the "hunger" for ritual and community. We talk with a founder of LA's Sunday Assembly and hear how the British chapter was started by two stand-up comedians.

Image-for-WWLA.jpgOn our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, Democrats say a massive increase in food stamps is helping millions to stay out of poverty in economic hard times. Republicans say food-stamp spending is out of control, and they're calling for major reductions. On Capitol Hill, the debate is still raging, but Republican leaders in several states are about to act on their own. We hear what that's going to mean.

Banner image: Tongva Park in downtown Santa Monica. Photo: Evan George



  • Terry O'Day - Santa Monica City Council member - @terryoday
  • Diana Gordon - Santa Monica Coalition for a Liveable City
  • Paul Habibi - a lecturer on real estate at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management and an expert witness for Grayslake Advisors


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