SARS Hits Local Businesses

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The World Health Organization has lifted the Toronto travel advisory that-s shaken the economy of Canada-s largest city. This, as WHO announces that China has yet to get Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome under control. In the US, 38 states report confirmed or suspected cases of the SARS, and California leads them all with 20 probable and 35 suspected cases. No one has died, but in addition to the health consequences, there are potentially severe economic consequences that could very well have an impact on every one of us. How will the virus impact California, with the fifth largest economy in the world? Managing Editor Kyle McKinnon speaks with the CEO of a toy company whose manufacturers are in Asia, the chief economist for the LA County Economic Development Corporation and a news producer just back from Hong Kong.
  • Making News: Mexican ID Cards Advance to Senate
    The matricula consular, issued by Mexican consulates must be honored by all California cities and counties under a bill that-s passed the state Assembly and now moves on to the Senate. The ID cards can be issued to any Mexican citizen at any of the ten Mexican consulates in California. Victoria Keith-Waters of La Opini-n says the new cards will immigrants, businesses and law enforcement alike.
  • Reporter's Notebook: California Public Radio, Not Just One Happy Family
    Public Radio broadcasters tend to think of themselves as one big happy family. But as public money has dried up, non-commercial stations have had to get aggressive in their pursuit of listeners and dollars. Now, the sharp elbows are coming out. KCRW's Eric Roy reports on the turf wars of California public radio.

Obligatory Acceptance of matricula consular (AB 522)

State Agencies Acceptance of matricula consular (AB 25)

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