Saving the Salton Sea

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The Salton Sea, in Imperial-Riverside Counties, was formed as the Colorado River was diverted for agriculture. Real estate and recreation prospered thanks to the enormous lake with no outlet. But eventually, as the lake became salty and polluted, the booms went bust. Now increasing salt is killing the fish that fed migratory birds, and disease is killing the birds. Federal money may be available for saving the sea, but can we afford it? We'll hear from a local group dedicated to restoring the sea, an EPA biologist, and academics.
  • Newsmaker: Progress in Power Cost-Cutting Deal - Gray Davis claimed progress in solving California's energy crisis after his summit with Clinton administration officials yesterday. Carolyn Lockhead, of the San Francisco Chronicle, says Washington is aware that threats to California's economy and high-tech industry could spread nationwide.
  • Reporter's Notebook: UNICEF's Early Childhood Report - The United Nations Children's Fund has issued a report on the state of the world's children. Carol Bellamy, executive director of UNICEF, says a child's first 36 months are crucial but that government policies and budgets all too often neglect this critical time.

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