School Reform, Campaign Money and the Law

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Debate over who should control Los Angeles schools has produced some nasty political rhetoric from both sides, becoming LA's hottest political issue since the ill-fated drive for Valley succession. Now it's devolving into disputes about fundraising, and legislative analysts in both the State Capitol and City Hall say Mayor Villaraigosa's plan might be unconstitutional. The Mayor has accepted huge contributions for school reform from developers who will need his approval for controversial projects. The school board is spending tens of thousands of public dollars to defeat the Villaraigosa's effort. Now, We try to sort it all out with some of the players, including the author of an article in today's LA Weekly on developers' contributions to Villaraigosa and lawyers from both sides.

Mayor Villaraigosa's plan for reforming Los Angeles schools

Zahniser's article on Mayor Villaraigosa's LAUSD takeover plan, developers' contributions



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