School Shooting Reaction

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Two days after the school shootings in Santee, an eighth grade girl is booked for shooting a classmate and several students are arrested in for making threats Southern California. The copycat affect of recent school shootings on students with no access to help has put the country on high alert, especially when it comes to tipping off police and school staff about potential trouble. Is it time for drastic measures or measured reaction? We look at the news, the law, and solutions with a journalist, a former principal who runs violence prevention programs, and a constitutional law expert. (Kyle McKinnon guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker: Mayor Riordan Takes Education Issues To Washington - Mayor Richard Riordan met with President Bush today to bring more federal education money to LA. Riordan speaks about his Washington meeting in which he lobbied for much needed education funds, his response to recent school violence, and the educational role he hopes to play when he leaves office later this year.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Urban Sprawl - LA and Orange Counties have nearly reached the limits of developable land. Bill Fulton, chief author of a study released by USC's Southern California Studies Center and the Brookings Institute, warns that we must learn to distinguish between growth and sprawl, do more with less, and retrofit our suburbs to accommodate more people and jobs.

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