School Shootings Prompt Call for Gun Control

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From September 27 through October 2, from Bailey, Colorado and Cazenovia, Wisconsin to an Amish schoolhouse in rural Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania, separate school shooting incidents left several students and one principal dead. The tragedies have barely raised a response from beltway politicians, while the outrage over former Congressman Mark Foley's obscene text messaging to junior pages has grown to a roar. With the November elections looming ahead, why have Democrats not seized the moment to call for tighter gun control?  Have we ceased to believe that gun control is not the answer to stopping violence, especially in our schools? Should we be looking to other countries, such as Australia and Canada, where there are both tight gun laws and low gun crime? (An expanded version of this discussion originally aired earlier today on To the Point.)



  • Katie True - Republican State House Representative in Pennsylvania
  • Doug Schoen - Democratic strategist Fox News contributor
  • Warlene Gary - CEO of the National Parent Teacher Association
  • Michael Gawenda - Washington Correspondent for the Sydney Morning Herald


Diana Nyad