School Standards

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Scott Hill: Executive Director, California's Commission for the Establishment of Academic Content and Performance Standards (or the "State Academics Standards Commission") Dr. Glenn Seaborg: 1951 Nobel Prize winner for Chemistry. Former Chancellor of UC Berkeley; holds many prestigious positions there. Served as Chair of the Atomic Energy Commission from 1961 to 1971. Attended California public schools and universities. Has written numerous books including A Scientist Speaks Out: A personal Perspective on Science, Society and Change. Dr. E. James Rutherford: Former professor of Science Education at Harvard and at New York University; Assistant Director of the National Science Foundation under President Carter. Attended and taught in California public schools. Currently serves as Chief Education Officer, American Association for the Advancement of Science and Director of Project 2061 -- a leading initiative to reform science education in America. Sara Catania: Staff Writer, L.A. Weekly. Sharon Burke: Teaches primary grades at Johnston Elementary in Rosemead. Holds a Masters in Education in curriculum development and instruction. Uses the Hubbard authored texts in her classroom. Sidnie Myrick: Primary grades teacher at Thomas Edison Elementary in Glendale. Teaches reading methodology to education students at Cal State L.A. Rena Weinberg: President, Association for Better Living and Education, which assists Applied Scholastics, the publishers of L. Ron Hubbard's books. John Schunhoff: Acting Director of Public Health, Los Angeles County Health Department. Dr. Carolyn Ellner: Chair, California Teacher Credentialing Commission. Dean of the School of Education, Cal State University Northridge.



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