Schwarzenegger Admits Behaving Badly toward Women

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Today-s LA Times carried the stories of six women who claim Arnold Schwarzenegger groped and humiliated them between 1975 and 2000. The paper said none of the women came forward on her own, and that friends and relatives knew of the incidents before this year-s campaign for Governor. Although Schwarzenegger-s spokesman first called them a last-minute political attack, today Schwarzenegger himself apologized. Though many, like Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante, found the apology lacking, Governor Davis had a more measured response. State Senator Tom McClintock was -distraught- because the incident distracts from the state-s fiscal problems. Is the apology good enough? We hear from the former head of the California Republican Assembly, and women on both sides of the issue.
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    Today-s LA Times report about women -humiliated- by Arnold Schwarzenegger comes just five days before the election that could make him Governor. Martin Kaplan has been a White House speechwriter, Washington Journalist, and a TV producer and writer. He-s now associate dean at USC's Annenberg School of Communications.

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