Schwarzenegger Goes against GOP on Initiatives

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The California Republican Party spent $2 million to send out a glossy mailer touting Arnold Schwarzenegger's views on some of the 16 propositions on November's ballot, but it went out too soon to tell recipients about two endorsements that have stunned California's political insiders. Contrary to President Bush and the state GOP, Schwarzenegger's in favor of state bonds for stem cell research and the so-called "blanket primary." Will his support for Props 71 and 62 make a difference to voters? We hear more about the developing political agenda of a Governor who's still getting used to the job from political scientist Barbara O'Connor and former California Republican Party chair, Shawn Steel.
  • Making News: County Supervisors Transfers Control of King-Drew to Private Consulting Firm The King-Drew Medical Center in South LA will be run by a private management company. Los Angeles County Supervisors today gave the job to contract to Navigant Consulting with a contract worth $13.2 million. Charles Ornstein, who's been following the story for the Los Angeles Times, updates authorities' efforts to keep hospital open while reforming inadequate patient care at the embattled facility.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Fires, Flooding and the Southland's First Rains
    Heavy rains in areas where fires have destroyed vegetation can be subject to flash floods and deadly slides of debris. As southern California braces for rain tonight, first responders are looking hazard-probability maps that show where danger could be greatest. Jim Bowers of the US Geological Survey, who is part of that team, offers a look at what to expect from the upcoming storm's predicted four or five inches of rain.

King-Drew Medical Center

Navigant Consulting

Joint Committee on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations

LA Times' article on Supervisors' transfer of King-Drew to Navigant

Blanket Primaries (Prop 62)

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