Schwarzenegger-s Budget Cuts Target the FPPC

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Candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger said he was so rich he wouldn-t have to raise political money. Since he was elected Governor, Schwarzenegger-s been collecting political money at a pace surpassing that of former Governor Gray Davis. Now, Schwarzenegger wants to cut the budget of the Fair Political Practices Commission, which was established during the Watergate Era to investigate campaign fundraising and enforce the law against conflicts of interest. In the past 30 years, the FPPC has struggled to get the resources it needs from the elected officials it-s supposed to oversee. Warren Olney examines the Governor's plan to cut the FPPC's budget with the Democratic chair of the watchdog organization, the author of the legislation that established it, and an advocate of tax- and government limitation.
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    As soon as President Bush signed the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban last year, three legal challenges were filed across the country. Today, one of those cases was decided in San Francisco, where federal District Judge Phyllis Hamilton deemed that the ban amounted to an unconstitutional infringement on a woman-s right to choose. Pam Maclean, who reports for the legal newspaper, the San Francisco Daily Journal, has the details.

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