Schwarzenegger-s Transition Team

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California-s Governor-elect today announced a transition team that runs the gamut from conservative Republicans to liberal Democrats. Led by Republican Congressman David Dreier, it will include conservative businessman Bill Simon, and Willie Brown, the Democratic Mayor of San Francisco and former Assembly Speaker. Pledging that his cabinet will have that kind of diversity too, Arnold Schwarzenegger continued to talk tough about rescinding recent enactments signed into law by Governor Davis, and repeated his threat to go -to the people- if Democrats in Sacramento won-t take his cues. We hear about his initial choices, including Florida Governor Jeb Bush-s top financial aide, from reporters from the LA Times and Sun-Sentinel.
  • Making News: La Opinion and Tribune Company Parting Ways
    La Opinion has announced that it is severing ties with the LA Times. America-s largest Spanish-language newspaper will now be fully controlled by the Lozano family, which has been running it under a 50-50 partnership deal with the Tribune Company. Eduardo Porter, who covers Hispanic affairs for the Wall Street Journal, has more on the split.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Works of Anti-War Painter Hans Burkhardt on Display
    Picasso and Goya may be the best known anti-war painters in the western world, but Los Angeles has a major war-protester of its own. Hans Burkhardt, who died in 1994, aroused controversy by using human skulls in anti-war paintings about World War II and Vietnam. Jack Rutberg, owner of the La Brea Avenue art gallery that bears his name, has more on the Burkhardt exhibit.



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