Secession from an LA Point of Mind

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The Local Agency Formation Commission has released its proposed blueprint for a new independent city in the San Fernando Valley, a city proposed by secessionists tired of being part of Los Angeles. The breakaway movement is a hot issue among the Valley's 1.4 million residents. A recent Los Angeles Times poll shows that 46 percent of voters in the city as a whole support Valley secession, 38 percent are opposed, and the rest are undecided. But all the city's voters would have the final say. What's the mood on the other side of the hill? We discuss the impact of the proposed breakaway city with non-valley voters, including authors, urban planners, businessmen and a civil rights leader. (David Dow guest hosts.)
  • Reporter's Notebook: California State Parks Foundation's Earth Day Celebration
    Almost as old as "Earth Day" in California is the California Parks Foundation, a nonprofit advocacy group for the state's 266 state parks. Sara Feldman, Southern California Director of the 33-year old privately funded organization, offers some inventive ways plain citizens can get involved in this weekend's activities.

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