Secretary Rice in Mexico

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Condoleezza Rice canceled a trip to Canada after the government there said "no" to cooperation on missile defense. So, her first visit to a neighboring country as Secretary of State took place today in Mexico, where she met with President Vicente Fox in Mexico City. It's a tense time in relations between the two countries, with differing views about drug traffic, the death penalty and illegal immigration. Was today's trip substantive, or mainly symbolic? We hear from Hugh Dellios, Latin America correspondent for the Chicago Tribune, who attended Secretary Rice's news conference today, and Denise Dresser, professor of political science at Instituto Tecnol-gico Aut-nomo de M-xico.
  • Making News: Low Turnout for LA Mayoral Election
    Democracy may be sprouting in the Middle East, but it's dying on the vine in Los Angeles. Almost three-fourths of registered voters didn't bother to go to the polls in Tuesday's mayoral election. Professor Tom Hollihan is Associate Dean at USC's Annenberg School for Communication offers some not-so-obvious reasons why.
  • Reporter's Notebook: South Orange County Colleges End Study-in-Spain Program
    Tomorrow, it'll be one year since 191 people were killed by terrorist bombs in Madrid's transit system, an incident that led to a change of government and Spain's pulling its troops out of Iraq. Now, because of that action, the trustees of two south Orange County community colleges have voted to scrap a 15 year-old study-abroad program in Spain. KCRW's Eric Roy has the story.

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Secretary Rice in Mexico

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