Security at the Ports of LA and Long Beach

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The Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach constitute this nation's biggest maritime harbor, the third largest in the entire world. Responsible for a big chunk of America's total economy, they're vital to military security as well. But the ports themselves are anything but secure. Of the millions of cargo containers that pass through each year, 98 percent are not checked. In the wake of September 11, LA Mayor James Hahn has created a task force on waterfront security. We speak with one of its leaders, LA Port Police Chief Noel Cunningham, and Steve Stallone, of the Communications director for the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, about exactly what is at stake.
  • Newsmaker: Hahn Brings Parks and Police Union Together - Mayor James Hahn has called a meeting between LAPD Chief Bernard Parks and the Police Protective League, which represents the city's rank and file. The League calls Parks a bad manager, and it wants new leadership. Hahn is determined to increase public safety by helping the opposing parties find common ground so they can concentrate on officer recruitment and retention, and community policing.
  • Reporter's Notebook: California Students Are Out of Shape - Although California school children are more physically fit than they were two years ago, nearly 80 percent are still out of shape. Superintendent of Public Schools Delaine Eastin recommends getting rid of the remote at home. At school, she'll mount a full court press to get kids in shape despite the difficulty in finding sufficient time in the school day for more health and history.

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