Selling Privacy

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Bruce Robertson: Founder of TriStar, a private investigation firm. Beth Givens: Director Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, Author, the privacy rights handbook. David Medeen: Associate Director for credit practices, Federal Trade Commission. Robert Ellis-Smith: Publisher, The Privacy Journal. Steven Emmert: Director of public record policy and government affairs, Lexis Nexis. Assemblyman Kevin Murray: Democratic Assemblyman representing Los Angeles. Author of AB 50, which would regulate biometric identifiers. Jon Golinger: Consumer Advocate with CalPirg, an environmental and consumer activist organization. Helped write a bill, being introduced by Senator Steve Peace, that would ban banks from using one biometric identifier, the fingerprint. Carla Barboza: Attorney with Barboza and Associates, specializing in employment matters and experienced in sexual harassment law. Bob Bemer: Owner of B.M.R Software, a company that claims they have the answer to the year 2000 computer glitch. Early computer programmer, helped design COBOL, the world's dominant mainframe programming language.



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