Should Hollywood Movies Be Smoke-Free?

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Anti-tobacco activists call Oscar-nominated In the Bedroom a free promotion for Marlboro Cigarettes, and the American Lung Association is giving Sissy Spacek its "Hackademy Award." But director Todd Field denies that his film glamorizes smoking and has protested such accusations as "cultural McCarthyism." Now, an anti-smoking crusader who helped bring the tobacco industry to its knees has made Hollywood movies his latest crusade. Dr. Stan Glantz wants to give an "R" rating to movies in which actors smoke. We speak with the director and the doctor about smooking, peer pressure, product placement, and the power of movies.
  • Newsmaker: Poll Shows Increasing Support for Valley Secession
    In a poll published today by the Los Angeles Times, almost half of those sampled citywide support the San Fernando Valley leaving the LA. In the Valley itself, 55 percent favor secession. Mayor Jim Hahn finds idea "harebrained" and is raising 5 million dollars to beat it on the November ballot. Sharon Bernstein, the Times' lead reporter on secession, reports on evolving support for several local secession movements.

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