Should the President Talk to his Enemies?

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Once again today, President Bush blamed Hezbollah for Israel---s attacks on Lebanon, and he repeated his claim that ultimate responsibility lies with Syria and Iran. Next week, Iran says it will reply to European and American offers of economic and technological assistance in exchange for halting progress toward building a nuclear bomb. President Bush has insisted that the military option remain on the table. Today, 22 former military and diplomatic officials released an open letter saying that would lead to "disastrous consequences." We discuss the implications and possible actions.
  • Reporter's Notebook: U.S. Hopes to Rival Hezbollah with Rebuilding EffortThe Lebanese Army has moved into the southern part of the country all the way to the Israeli border. Meantime, President Bush has promised to help repair the damage done by Israel in the past month. But somebody else is already there: Hezbollah. As promises are being made and broken, finding international peacekeepers for southern Lebanon is easer said than done. Will more soldiers come from France or Bangladesh? What about countries that want to send troops but don---t recognize Israel---s right to exist?



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