Showdown in Najaf

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After failing to capture him at home, US and Iraqi forces are closing in on the Shrine of Imam Ali as part a major offensive to crush Muqtada al-Sadr-s army--not just in Najaf, but in other parts of Iraq as well. Meantime, Islamic clerics and Arab spokesmen warn that the consequences could be disastrous for America-s image in the Muslim world. American leaders admit it-s a gamble, but the credibility of Iyad Allawi-s interim government is at stake as well as security throughout the country. Will the confrontation be a turning point in the war in Iraq? How long can the Medhi militia hold out? Will US forces attack the Shrine of Imam Ali? What are the prospects for Iraq-s interim government and America-s image in the Muslim world? Warren Olney gets an update. (An extended version of this program was broadcast earlier today on To the Point.)

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